Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Back Garden Looks like Heck

Ok, there, I've said it.

It just doesn't look that good right now.

I have Rose's lovely Bleeding Heart and one of the Hellebores to the left and the Money Plant to the right and some "is it a weed is it something I want?" seedlings and some "hope it will come up" spaces and a few "hope it will survive" seedlings scattered between the patchy "we'll take over the world!" strawberries.


Not exactly a thing of beauty, is it?
But, until some of these things decide to take off and grow, followed by another good decision to bloom their little hearts out, it's another opportunity to practice patience, I guess.

Also had a fun surprise in the midst of all those strawberries:

Totally needs the arrow at this point, but I have a surprising little Money Plant coming up next to the bigger one (shoving up through the strawberries).  Very happy to see that little guy!

And at least we finally had some rain-free days again--Rose mowed the lawn (push-mower, and right now it's novel for her--hope that lasts!) and helped me build this (on the left):

I planted in some scarlet emperor runner beans and asparagus pole beans--I like beans and hope to get some meals worth of vegetables out of them, plus the scarlet runner beans are really pretty to look at in bloom.

I also transplanted the Blenheim Melon seedling, the Musk-melon seedling, and the mysterious Pineapple Melon seedling:

Left to right: Blenheim, Pineapple, Musk-melon

Unfortunately, the Musk-melon rewarded me by withering off the very next day (today), but at least the other two seem pretty happy.  This is the second time I've tried and failed to get a musk-melon going.  I've heard they don't transplant well and I guess I'm a believer now--too bad since our season is so short I'm don't think I'd be able to grow it from seed outdoors, but hopefully I'll still have something to show for the other two.  Blenheim Melons are a lot like Musk-melons and Cantaloupes and are supposed to be good for short seasons, so turns out that was an excellent choice ;-)

And while I wait for the mysterious Pineapple Melon to show me what it is, and wait for the seeds to show me some love and grow, at least I'm finally close to solving a 3 year old mystery.  Way back in 2009, Rose planted some Mixed-color Columbine (she also planted some blue last year, but those never came up).  Last year, one of the Mixed-color Columbine came back but never bloomed.  But this year, it's back again, looking great, and--finally--has some buds!

Stay tuned to finally find out what color it is!

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  1. It's always fun when you sow some seeds, forget about them, and then are rewarded with beautiful flowers! Have you considered making the garden around the shed wider? If it's sunny, zinnia will grow well there and are super easy to grow from seed.