Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!

Another Garden Blogger's Bloom Day (from May Dream's Gardens blog) is here already, but for me this one is so much nicer that April's!  

In April is was darn cold out still as I put on a coat and went out to take a picture of the single bloom I had to look at.

Thank goodness it's now May!  It's raining, as it was yesterday, as it will be tomorrow.  and the day after. and the day after that, at least according to my friends at, but it's not chilly (for a drizzly day, at any rate) and, glory of glories, I finally have blooms!

So, without further ado, I bring you Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, Eden ever after style:

First we have the Lilacs that I love so much, they still have opening buds but, I guess with all the damp, at the same time they are going a bit brown here and there on the flowers--still, smells like heaven.

And we also have strawberries--in general, the strawberries are making a good effort towards a hostile takeover of every spare patch of dirt they can find--so far I'm waiting and watching, but I do expect some fruit as payment for my kindness.

Bleeding hearts are really huge this year with tons of hearts on tons of stems--Rose's red ones in the back are the most glorious, but my white ones in the front aren't too shabby either.

And, we still have Hellebore blooming--this is the first year it's bloomed so I didn't really know exactly what to expect, but I didn't expect it to last a month!  Not sure if I can expect this to repeat, either, or if it's just a benefit of a cool wet spring?  This one is in the front garden--it was budded but not quite blooming in time for Bloom Day last month.
The Red Coral Bells are back this year and looking lovely, not in full bloom but just about ready.  Especially under cloudy skies, the shots of red are a nice warm touch.

What started as 3 Freckles Violets have decided to fight the strawberries for total domination of the front garden--they're everywhere, but it's nice to have them.  No johnny jump-ups yet which looked so pretty with them last year--I'm pretty sure we had them by this time last year...could be the cool weather or could be that the violets smothered them out--have to wait and see.

The Lunaria/Honesty/Money Plant that I planted last year is blooming this year--again, didn't expect to see it up with the early spring perennials, but it's a bright spot in a pretty sparse back garden right now.  I just put in more seeds so I can (hopefully) have more of this biannual blooming next year.

And one thing to thank the cool damp for: the pansies still look nice and bright.  Some years it seems like spring lasts about a week and we're right into summer--this year is different, but at least the pansies are thankful.

And, last but not least, look what I found tucked away from the rain in at the side of the front garden--the lily-of-the-valley is back.  I thought it looked pretty sweet hiding out from the rain under it's leaves.

Now I'm off to take Rose to the fabric store (she's waiting, occasionally patiently) and then I'll grab a nice hot cup of tea and enjoy all the other pretty (and many sunny) blooms in the blogosphere today!


  1. That lily of the valley looks very sweet! ...and I didn't realize money plant looked so nice while in bloom...pretty pretty!

  2. Hooray! My Tornado loves her bleeding hearts too...she wants to pick one every time we're in the garden. :) I just planted honesty seeds this year - hope mine look as pretty as yours do next year!

  3. That money plant is such a lovely color. All your blooms are so pretty! Happy GBBD Day!

  4. Dear Daphne, Your blooms are amazing! I am glad spring has returned to our gardens. Happy GBBD! P. x

  5. Feel free to send a little of that rain this way :) Your lilac is beautiful...what a lovely way to celebrate spring!

  6. Some are little lovelies that like damp and cool and do not thrive here. Pansies are a cool season (late winter) show for us. Thank you for showing us all of them. Lilacs are a pleasant childhood memory for me.

  7. I love those Freckles violets. I thought mine had died, but I was pleased to find one under the columbine the other day.

  8. Is there anything better than the smell of lilacs! Love the Money pops up all over yard in our neighborhood.

  9. Wow--so nice to have so many comments! I'm really wowed by the Money Plant--I also didn't expect it to be so pretty and I'm especially enjoying it because it's still one of the few things up in that section of the garden.

    The Lilacs are still going for a few more days and the front garden is pretty lush.

    Now I just need some more seeds to sprout and fill in in the back...