Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yesterday in the garden

Two days ago we had a "last hurrah" kind of snow but yesterday saw a warm enough day to melt a lot of it and get out into my gardens for the first time this year.
the front garden, looking a little alive!
the back gardens - more shade more snow
Spent some time stirring the compost for the first time since fall (not good, I know), and shoveling the uncomposted stuff into a bag so I can put the done stuff in the gardens today (well, done-ish stuff, truth be told--but I think it will finish ok on the ground).

Followed that up by digging up some of my "we will overtake the entire earth if it's the last thing we do" strawberries from the front garden and put them in the strawberry pot (these guys (Ozark Beauties) spread like mad, but haven't been especially heavy producers yet).

Dug a bit farther on the side of the shed where we had tomatoes last year to make a garden the full length--Rose and I are going to make another trellis and put the beans there this year (the Scarlet Runner Beans again and also some Asparagus Beans which aren't real beans but are bean-like)--not sure it really has the best sun for it, but they say you shouldn't grow the same crop in the same place each year, so I'm trolling for a new spot.

Funny thing--might  be timing or might be nature working things for me, but the ground was a lot easier to dig this year than when I started at it last year.  Also, both front and back I came upon several earthworms, which I rarely did when I started gardening--I'll take that as a good sign!

I took the seedlings out for a bit of a vacation since the weather was nice.  Too early to really harden off, but I figured they could use some time in the light and breeze, kind of like me:
seedlings on vacation
And, not to be outdone, I also brought out my poor leggy herbs that have been surviving the winter on my windowsill, adding to my cooking while counting the days till spring (and from the looks of it, reaching as spindly and long as they can, trying to find a more spring-like place to grow):
my poor herbs--leggy and then some
But, Rose and I did also go to our local nursery to pick up some good looking plants (apologies to all my bad looking plants, it will get better, I promise!).  A 6-pack of Pansies are now potted on our front steps--Rose is not really as interested in the gardens as she was last year, but she certainly spent enough time checking out every one of the 100's of mixed pansy packs to find the one that had the best combination of the colors she likes!  We have 2 deep burgundies and a dark purple (both with faces)--we'll just have to be surprised on the other 3 once they bloom.

And, while I was poking around, I saw a few signs that we may just have something to look at in the future:

under the snow, the bleeding heart looks alive...

and the hydrangea has some branches budding

and I think this will eventually be lily-of-the-valley, but I'll need to see more to be sure
I love seeing the signs that plants are still alive and planing on coming back--welcome, spring!


  1. Yep, I'm feeling this is it.. you'll be spring on out. Have fun!

  2. Has Rose planted radishes? Mama used to say that radishes made a lot of gardeners because they come up so quickly and you can eat them so soon.

  3. @Jess, times like these when I'm pushing away the chunks of snowy ice and my fingers are freezing I really envy you in the South! I hope you're right about Spring...

    @Nell Jean--I love the idea, but so far Rose is all about the flowers, much less interested in veggies (happy to eat many of them, fortunately, but less interested in making them grow!). Love your blog, by the way!