Monday, April 11, 2011

US Postal Service and an Interesting Link

Came home on Saturday to find our letter carrier had left me this:

Very exciting!  I have just the hard to plant spot that I'm hoping the Jupiter's Beard will take to and make beautiful.

And, not just good news to share but an interesting link, too:

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to grow in a healthy way and how that's accomplished on different scales--the blog post linked above details how one greenhouse is using bugs to get rid of other bugs and reduce or eliminate the need to spray chemicals on their plants.  It's not preachy and the thinking isn't black-or-white--very interesting stuff (at least to a geeky kind of gal like me!)

Hope all of you have a not too crazy Monday on your hands!


  1. No credit here for your wallpaper. Is that your own artwork? I love it. It is unique, but not so overwhelmingly in your face as most wallpapers are. Not distracting, just lovely!

    You are writing here about integrated pest management?

  2. Thank you! I designed it myself in Photoshop based on a 16th century woodcut ( don't usually write about integrated pest management, but I found this article particularly interesting.