Saturday, April 9, 2011

Signs of things to come

Between the many cool gray days and the hoping that seed will really come up and the waiting for strong indication that there will really be a garden this year, this is a rough time of year!

My inner toddler is ready to stomp her feet and hold her breath until she turns blue or until strong spring finally comes, whichever!  Good thing I'm actually a reasonable adult (ha!) or I have the feeling I'd be stomping and blue a lot these days....

And, looking around here, I do have some signs (beyond the intermittent warmish days, right now still followed by cool grayish days) that the good things are on their way.

My Lenten Roses look like they're going to be blooming this year!  I put them in 2 years ago and last year was a time spent settling in but not blooming.  Guess it has to get with it if it's actually going to make it for Lent this year, but I think it has a chance.  I bought 2 plants in "mixed" colors, so I'm excited to see what colors I actually have (feels odd, but I think it's good for my plan-everything-to-the-nth-degree self to have some surprises in the garden every now and again!).
Hellebore, aka Lenten Rose

The Lilacs, which I adore, are starting to swell their buds--definitely a happy sign for me!

Plus, we've had another sunny day nice enough to take the seedlings out for a little sunshine:

 And, speaking of the seedlings, they're looking hopeful, themselves--remember the Crème de Cassis Hollyhocks?  Alive and well and growing rapidly:
one Crème de Cassis Hollyhock seedling...

....another Crème de Cassis Hollyhock seedling
And the Snowdrift Marigolds?  They've starting to show off their first sets of leaves:
Snowdrift Marigold seedlings
(Probably best to ignore the roundish Dwarf Ten Weeks Stock seedlings that I'll pinch off eventually--I had a little issue where I planted the Stock seeds in half of the tray, was briefly interrupted, and couldn't figure out which had the stock and which were completely empty!  I figured better safe than sorry and just replanted the whole thing--not hard now to tell which is which!)

And....drum roll please...the weather report says the temps are going to be nice today and rising steadily over the next 10 days--happy days are coming!

Wishing you all the same,


  1. Dear Daphne, This is such an exciting time of the year as we find new surprises in the garden. And your seedlings are full of hope. P x

  2. It is exciting isn't it and I love the possibilities that seem to spring to live along with the seedlings--happy spring!