Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seeds - you're doing it wrong!

So, about these seeds.  

I love starting with these itty bitty dead (looking) things, throwing them into dirt when the world still looks like winter and ending up mid-summer with a (small) world of flowers and multiple meals.  Especially because none of the seed packets cost more that $3.00 and they last over several years.

Guess it's the power hungry dictator in me.  Or something like that.

I also adore the selection gardeners get when they start with seeds.  Last year, when I used purchased seedlings, I couldn't get my now adored deep purple nicotiana--instead I got something nicotiana that didn't smell or look as heavenly and was kind of disappointing.  Plus I was suck with only one variety of full-sized tomato that just didn't do that well for me.

But, being the kind of person who researched everything do death before starting, I know there are lots of awesome ways to properly grow seeds indoors.  And I know I'm failing miserably at being as properly awesome as any of them.

This is what my seed set-up looks like:

It does not look like this:
from Burpee's website
or like this:
from Burpee's website

And it especially doesn't look like this:
from Gardener's Supply Co. website

(which is really too bad, because wouldn't that be cool?)

It just looks like a motley of trays, cups, and one newspaper pot, filled with top-soil this year (sorry, little seeds, it was all I had on hand and we were not spending money that week), draped with saran wrap where needed, sitting on my sunniest windowsill, leaning toward the light (I do turn them regularly--I'm not that mean to the poor little things) and waiting for spring.  

Ideal?  Not hardly!

But, and this is the point of my crazy rant (see, I have a point!):  they are growing anyway and will most likely survive in spite of their less than optimal beginnings and will most likely this year do just what they've done in past years, which is to grow nicely in my garden when the weather grows warm.

Which is pretty much all to say, if you're anything like me (or Rose, who is a lot like me) and want to make sure you know exactly what you're doing before you start and want to do it exactly and perfectly right once you do start, why not give it a go in spite of yourself?  Using whatever you have on hand and meets your budget, no less.  What's the worst that could happen, anyway?

And come to think of it, our gardening fore-bearers never had heated tray bottoms, growlights, or poly-hoop-houses, and they still managed to feed themselves off it, right?   Wonder if I could sound cool and trendy if I called my method "Heirloom Seed Starting"?  (and, yeah, please don't answer that!)

Why yes, that is a sandwich bag over my muskmellons....

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