Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2011

In honor of May Dreams' Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day I'm posting pictures of my blooms, which in this case won't take much time at all!


The hellebore in the back garden is low to the ground and facing the back wall, but it's blooming!

And, right now, it's all I have.

But I know there's more to come, I have these:



and more hellebore

May's bloom day should be a whole lot more fun!


  1. Your hellebores are really pretty, and it has been awhile since I saw lilac buds... Thanks for posting.

  2. I like the color of your hellebores. I have only two and both are pastel but I do plan to plant more. They are so pretty and easy care too. I do wish I could grow lilac, but it's just too warm here. Thanks for sharing your blooms! Happy Blossom Day!

  3. Dear Daphne, I think your April posting is lovely! I look forward to May, too, when the garden should be more alive. P x

  4. Lucky you to have lilacs on the horizon!
    I miss growing them since moving from Chicago to Northern California.
    Hellebore is a beauty!

    ((aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz))