Friday, March 25, 2011

My once and future Marigolds

Snowdrift Marigolds
(from the Burpee website)
In 2009, at Rose's request, we planted some Snowdrift Marigolds in the back garden.
I believe they were newly introduced at the time (but don't quote me, I couldn't find any back-up so it could just be one of those strange wrong impressions) and, unlike most marigolds, the packaging said that these guys really like a little afternoon shade--at the same time we were newbies looking for some cottagey-looking things to try in our afternoon shady back garden.  Perfect!
And really, in my humble opinion, they were perfect.  The color was a really sweet, creamy shade--not the usual vibrancy of yellow marigolds.  And unlike the small marigolds I was used to, these were giants, much more like the zinnias my grandmother grew than the marigolds I was used to (which probably tells you more about the narrowness of my experiences with marigolds than anything else, but there you have it...)

I like marigolds, but I loved these!

In 2009 with Rose
Last year, however, I was not able to plant any seeds until the end of April and didn't even try to buy any, for that matter.  When I was feeling a bit better, I did try to pick up a pack of these at my local big greenhouse (they have lots of varieties you don't get at most places) but with no luck at all.  Either they were sold out completely or they never were around to begin with.  And I assumed it was the latter.

I even tried to find them on the Burpee site, but either I was missing them or they weren't there in May.

I have no idea why I didn't save seeds in 2009, but by the time I hit 2010, I figured these were no longer available and wouldn't be in our garden again.

Fast forward to today--I was at our smaller really local garden center, trying to pick up some tall Stock seeds on a whim to give those a go this year.  No luck with those at all (note to self: next year order some) but guess what I found?  That's right--welcome home Snowdrift Marigolds!

It's probably still too early to be time to plant these--they did great direct sowing in 2009--but I confess, I did put a few in some dirt inside to see how they do.  I figure I've waited long enough!


  1. Your marigolds look beautiful, I love the soft yellow color. Good luck with your seeds, I hope they work out for you!

  2. Thanks, Masha! I was really unreasonably excited to see that seed packet--but I think I controlled my outward excitement, in public, at least ;)

  3. Hey there, I just planted some of these having discovered them this past fall in someone elses garden. The look like short super double pale faced zinnias to me, which is a remarkable improvement in my opinion. I hope mine grow.

  4. Good luck with them, Jess--hope they do as well for you as they did for us!