Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's up? (seedlings and playing "weed...or not weed?")

It's been a nice couple of days around here--lots of good things turning up.  Or, at least what I think may be good things, from what I can figure out.

The problem, of course, is that I'm never at all sure if I've gotten the right ID for the little green things that sprout up around here.  Mistaken for spinach this year, butterfly weed last year--and those were in pots I planted. 

First up, one I know I can be sure of...this violet is something Rose found growing in the grass and decided to dig up and put in her garden.  The grass attached, of course, will need to go, but I think the violet needs to root itself into the ground better before we can pull that stuff out.

This is the daisy I planted last year--it took a while to start to show some life, it's pretty puny next to the foxglove, and downright disappointing compared to some of the blooming things, but I guess that's just how this one works and I'm really glad to see it's still alive.

And this is a red geranium I brought up from the basement yesterday.

My grandma used to put geraniums in her unfinished basement near the window to survive the winter--but I was only there for the "put it away" part, and not the "did it live?" part.

Still, in her memory, I tried putting mine in my unfinished basement near the window in 2008-09 and pretty well surprised myself by having it stay alive all winter without watering or even much light.

It looks pretty pathetic right now, but last summer it branched out nicely and sent out blooms after it got into the light so I'm hopeful that this year it will do the same.

I have no idea why it doesn't die down there--wouldn't you expect it to?--but I'm happy it doesn't.

And I'm pretty sure this is one of 2 little survivors of the Harlequin Columbine seeds that Rose planted last year.  I didn't think any came up last year, certainly nothing bloomed that looked like columbine last year.

To me, it looks a whole bunch like a weed (one of those cloverish kinds we have so much of), so it could very well be that I pulled up anything that did come up last year.  Or maybe it just wasn't properly chilled and needed our nice cold winter to make it grow?

No idea.

But, in addition to its weed-like looks, it also looks alot like online photos of of Columbine, so I'm willing to wait and hope and see.

This one, I'm pretty sure is a blue Bachelor Button that's reseeded from last year's group of them.

Again, it has a sort of weed like look to it, but it's also kind of Bachelor Button-ish.  Plus, it's in the right area.

Rose and I planted the rest of our Bachelor Button seeds (left over from last year) a week ago along with some new red/maroon ones, but they haven't sprouted yet.

I'll know better about this one either when I have some to compare it to or at least when I see if it shoots up and flowers.

Tell me this gets easier with experience, please?

And, yes, I really do have spinach now!

The Lavewa Spinach is the light green needle-y, grass-like thing (and, as I now know) not the spinach colored round, spinach shaped things that are also all over my pot!

See, I learned a new thing this year.

I'm sure I'll make many, many more mistakes as I go along with this gardening thing.  

And maybe some of you can learn with me, or laugh with me, or at least not feel so bad about your own mess-ups.  And it's probably good for Rose to see that we all get things wrong some times (or at least she and I do, I'm assuming you all do, too).

And, one way or the other, I still have my fingers in dirt and these silly little black specks (with some sun and water) do mostly keep turning into something green and growing and often pretty and that usually makes me pretty happy.

And anyway, it's not life or death, just a lot of trial and error and, hopefully, some pretty cool rewards.

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