Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a difference a week makes...

...or maybe 3 weeks makes?  All of these pictured except the strawberries are now 3 weeks from the time their seeds were planted.  All kinds of everything growing right now--I love this early spring time!

My lettuce is looking really lettuce-like and (much to Rose's delight) the red leaf varieties in the mix are looking like red leaves--why didn't I ever grow these before, they are so pretty!

The spinach now all have a first set of real (and spinach shaped!) leaves.
Lavawa Spinach--3 weeks after planting

The Strawberries with lots of blooms--no red yet, but lots of signs that berries won't be long

And, remember how I was losing hope that these runner beans were even viable--look at them now!  I'm actually going to need to thin them out soon :-)
Happy spring, everyone!

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  1. Daphne, Thank you for visiting my garden on Bloom Day and for leaving a lovely comment! Isn't it exciting when the seeds germinate? I am impressed with yours ... they look very healthy! Pam