Friday, May 21, 2010

Progress, Stock, and Another Large Pot

We've finally had two days of sun in a row after lots and lots of rain.  It really feels like summer is here and should (God willing) for at least the weekend.

The foxglove that I started from seed last year if making definite progress and looking like it's planning on blooming sometime in the next month (give or take!).  All of them seem to be starting stalks, but one of them (pictured) is much farther along than the others--strange since all 5 surviving plants are the same variety and were planted at the same time.  This one was also the only one of the original 6 to bloom last year.  It's obviously an overachiever.

And look at the strawberries!  These are the ones I put in the part- shade as an afterthought but they're also my star pupils--hope no critters catch on because we're getting really excited to think of all those blooms turning into lots of fresh berries.

The bed were these strawberries and foxglove are is the one I took the most care of with compost last year--could be a coincidence but it does make me wonder.  Guess I'll keep up the scrap-and-coffee-grounds gathering and try to keep the compost project alive.  It seems to be worth while.

And, guess what I found last Monday?  Another large flower pot!  I had gotten the 3 large black ones (with the lettuce and now a grape tomato) from a neighbor who was giving them away.  At the time we lived in the apartment and they seemed (and were) perfect for growing some nice things on the balcony.  I'd forgotten that I had picked up 4 of them and only remembered when I saw the identical sized and shaped one in white in my mother's garage. 

Strange how these things work--I would have thought I'd have had more use for pots on the balcony, but actually space and weight were problems there.  Not so here.

I had been thinking of growing carrots, but our soil is pretty rocky--not boulders, but little rocks (1" or less) and plenty of them.  I'd heard that (unlike beets) carrots split and gnarl pretty much every time they hit a rock--didn't seem like they had much chance of success around here.


Enter the "new" large pot, add some rock free dirt and I'm ready to give it a try!  Rose and I picked out these funky colored Carnival Blend carrots.  Don't know if they'll taste any different for all their crazy colors, but Rose thought they were pretty and I figured if I was going to grow my own carrots, I wanted them to look like something I didn't just pick up anywhere :-)

And finally, Rose's garden to the left--isn't it looking sweet?  I'd been gifted some alyssum and stock plants and Rose really liked them.  Plus, while we wait to see if the columbine (areas marked out with sticks) do anything at all this year, the poor kid really needed something to enjoy.

So, now it's pretty and rosy and very sweet...just like a certain young lady I know of.

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  1. Your strawberries look good! I have a lot of strawberry plants, but a deer eats their leaves and slugs "help" with berries. Foxglove looks healthy! I love this biannual plant. It self seeds and is draught tolerant. The little gardener' garden looks lovely. Come on, columbines, show up!