Friday, May 28, 2010

My garden is getting ready to RUMBLE!

Well, maybe not rumble, exactly, but lots of things are suddenly getting set to happen.

My Poker Primrose now has little--what? are they buds, or maybe not when they aren't really a mass of petals, but what are they called then?

At any rate, the Poker Primrose is starting to happen and you can even see the pink color beginning.  I wasn't sure the Red Coral Bells would still be blooming at the same time, and truly they do look a little rough around the edges by now, but it looks like it may just happen after all.

Even if it doesn't though, it will still be nice to have the Primrose giving me something pretty to look at between the Bleeding Heart (now done blooming) and the Hydrangea (no buds yet).

The Poker Primrose isn't the only one getting ready to go.  One of my Scarlet Emperor Beans has just started to climb!

A few more are definitely feeling around for something to hold on to, so it shouldn't be long before they're climbing, too.

As I'd mentioned before, I'd never grown these before, but somehow I expected them to climb with tendrils like peas.  I just wasn't expecting them to wrap themselves around the sticks exactly like a Morning Glory--love it!

Not to be outdone, the buds on the biggest of my Foxgloves are getting bigger and bigger--looks like I won't have to wait too much longer.

They are just lovely right now with the soft pink blending into the cream-colored tips--right now it's just the few at the bottom, of course, but they do bode well for things to come.

And, slightly less exciting but still kind of fun, I have a potted Fuchsia on the wall above the back garden that I picked up earlier this month. 

It's had a bit of an adjustment period with minimal blooms on the bottom branches only, but it's now starting to bud on the upper shoots, as well.

I only just learned of May Dreams Garden's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day so I have yet to share my blooms that way, but somehow it looks like maybe my plants have been keeping it in mind.

If this keeps up, I hope to have these guys in all their glory come June 15.


  1. I just planted pole beans for the first time ... I made a tepee for the grandchildren to play in, and we sowed the beans around the bottom of each bamboo pole. I hope they are as successful as yours. I didn't know how they climbed ... thanks for the info.

    I've posted a challenge for you on my blog. I do hope you take it. P x

  2. Good luck with your beans, Pam. Just like morning glories, as soon as they find something to wind around mine are really taking off--hope yours do the same!

    Now I'm off to take your challenge....