Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look! It's a beet!

Actually, it's two beets!

I was beginning to worry just a bit, but this morning I woke to find the beets were sprouting.  I'm guessing by the deep red of these two that this is the Bull's Blood Beet part of the mix.

There's actually a light green sprout as well, on the other side of things, so (assuming these keep on living) I should have at least 2 varieties of beets this year--hooray!

And, if that's not enough, the lettuce (lettuces?) are still alive and looking good.

You can see them just starting to shoot up past the paired baby seed leaves to what will be the real lettuce leaves.

And the spinach (yes, the real spinach) is looking pretty sharp over there.

Spinach sprouts definitely don't look the way I would have imagined they would.

I guess it will be fun to watch and see when these guys change from Kelly green and grass-like to spinach green and spinach-like...

And the straw- berries --can you see that pretty little mass of pointy, leafy things?  I'm expecting (hoping? wishing?) those will develop into buds, then blooms, leading to....mmmm....fresh strawberries!

These are Ozark Beauty strawberries (part of my free-ish Spring Hill haul from last year).  It's what's optimistically called an "ever bearing" variety.  Which, as I understand it, means we don't get a billion berries at once, but we do get some all summer.

Of course last summer the berries "ever bore" a grand total of 3 berries, but they've got an earlier start this year and we're all hoping for a few more.

Actually, these live strawberry plants (which look so green and lovely) are the survivors in what I should probably call a (small scale) strawberry massacre.  I had a bunch in a strawberry pot last summer (one of whom contributed to one of the 3 berries in our 2009 berry crop)--turns out they don't do so very well in frosty climates over the winter exposed in those pots. 

Lucky for us (and an unexpected blessing), we had more plants than pot space and I put a few in the front garden and a few in the back garden--good thing we had those backup "plans."

Now if I can only get Rose to forget what really happened, I could probably pass this off as another example of my excellent gardening know-how....

And, last but definitely not least, we have one stalk of Lily-of-the-Valley blooming in the front garden. 

My mother grows these under her pine trees where they've taken over with almost weed-like vigor.  When I asked her for some pips (aka: roots that act like bulbs to keep these things coming back each year) she told me she "certainly had enough to share, take as many as you want! Go right ahead!"

Guess I may someday rue the day I couldn't take a hint here, but look at those sweet little white bells--and they smell so beautiful.

It's hard to imagine the day I'll be irritated enough not to melt at their sweetness.


  1. Congratulations! Beets, spinach, lettuce, and strawberries ... your zone 6 garden is way ahead of my zone 5 one. The lily-of-the-valley is adorable.

  2. It also doesn't hurt that we've been lucky this year with spring getting very warm very quickly. I wish we could count on that every year!

    Good luck with your beautiful garden--I love the idea of recreating the feel of your Grandmother's garden. My Grandma always had a garden, too. Different from what I'm doing, but not a day goes by when I'm out there that I don't remember something she grew or used to do out there.