Saturday, May 8, 2010

It turns out that Runner Beans can read....

Or something like that.

Not 24 hours after I bemoaned the lack of action where I planted those Scarlet Emperor Beans, I took another look and there were a number of them showing themselves to be alive and growing.

I am so relieved!

Not only that, but one of the Strawberries is definitely getting ready to bloom (no need to talk myself into it this time--I see white!).

And indoors, the hollyhocks are also starting to sprout (well one hollyhock, actually, but still a good sign).  I really enjoy these large-ish seeds that need the light to germinate--keeps them in my sights this way.  Still have a year or so to see those flowering, but, that can't happen without this step, so I'll take it.

Hope any of you who have been joining me in staring at your dirt trying to glean any sign of anything at all that might hint at something about to happen have some similar joy in this lovely season.


  1. What a lovely Mothers Day gift to see seeds and plants coming to life! Enjoy on your special day!

  2. It does feel just right on Mother's Day, doesn't it...hope you had a wonderful day yourself!

  3. I spent all of mother's day out in the garden - that was my real present - even my kids helped!

  4. Chick Dig the Dirt, that sounds delightful! We had really cold blustery weather--definitely not a good day for gardening--I was freezing just checking for progress.