Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello Nasturtium (and hopefully not "welcome, bane of my garden")

I enjoy Nasturtium.

Their leaves remind me of lily-pads and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum where the courtyard is lush and green even on the very least pleasant of winter days and in April, fifteen-foot-long Nasturtium vines are hung from the balconies in honor of Mrs. Gardner's birthday.

Rose does not enjoy Nasturtium, at all.

Last year at this time, she too was a fan--pretty flowers in part-shade?  What's not to love?

Then she planted some.

And they grew.  And grew and grew.  My husband and I thought this might be a happy thing.  She planted things that were thriving--awesome, right?  Well, for her not so much.

 Rose's Nasturtium going crazy last year

She's an orderly sort of person, and these nasturtium were not following her plan.  To her they were like Kudzu only really, really invasive.

Fast-forward to this year, I wanted a bit of "something" in a spot between the daisies and broccoli.

I saw these Botanical Interests Mahogany Nasturtium and thought they'd look great.  A bit of deeper color and a pretty shape.  And goodness knows they grow well.

And, I have a new little project which was planned to either a) brighten up the edge by the fence or b) let me plant more, more, more--you can decide which it is ;-)

There's about 1.5" of space between the poured concrete patio and the fence.  There's dirt with grass on the other side, so it seems to me to be more like a strawberry pot (big dirt, small opening) than the 1.5" tray it looks like. 

I dumped a bit of potting soil between to fill it up a bit higher and planted some Thumbelina Zinnia and the rest of the Jewel Nasturtium seeds from Rose's garden last year.

My expectations for the zinnia aren't so very high since they like lots of sun, but I figured it was worth a shot.  I think the Nasturtium should do better (unless Rose is right and they end up eating our fence and patio and spitting them out as toothpicks).

So far the Nasturtium are coming up and looking great, in their distinctively pretty round-leafed little way.   They're definitely growing well and gaining size every day!  Right now I take that as a good and happy sign, but I guess I'll be keeping an eye on them in case this lovely growing thing starts to get out of hand.

Rose did try and warn me.  Several times.

Don't trust Nasturtium.

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