Sunday, May 2, 2010

Daphne, Rose, and Freckles - getting all pretty with it

A couple of days ago, as you may recall, I wrote a bit about our Freckles Violets.
Today, in a fit of wow-my-garden-is-doing-things-and-I-could-use-this-to-my-decorating-advantage I picked some of those pretty little things and used them to my decorating advantage. I feel downright decorating blog nice today (doesn't hurt that it's lovely, sunny and 80 degrees!).

Rose, of course, always feels downright decorating blog. I showed her how to float blossoms on water the other day (totally my speed--take a blossom with short or no stem. Place gently on water. Let it float. Do not poke it so it goes under.) and she's gone to town with the idea.
Rose favors pretty teacups and I have to say, I think that was very inspired. She has a Pink Bleeding Heart this year in her back garden that her Grammy divided for her from her own garden. I have a White Bleeding Heart in with the violets and violas in the front garden (I'd thought I'd ordered Pink, but turns out the white is so pretty with all the white and purple and green that I'm, in the end, happy it turned out this way). The resulting floating bleeding hearts are really nice.

Of course, I'm her Mama and I think everything she does is absolutely fabulous, but there you have it.

In other exciting news:The lettuce and spinach are both starting to come up! No sooner did I write that they were just pots of dirt than they decided to make a liar our of me and pop up some sprouts!

Edited to add on May 3, 2010: Not so fast on the spinach.

Did I mention that I'd never grown spinach before? I've noticed some different looking, bright green sprouty bits just beginning to pop up in the spinach pot that look distinctly different from the ones I thought were the spinach sprouts--a basic bit of googleing for pictures and it looks like I had it wrong here.

So, good news is I do actually have spinach beginning to pop up--bad news is in this post and the picture below I'm guilty of actively spreading spinach misinformation.


Yes, we have life!
"Gourmet Blend" Lettuce
Lavawa Spinach (ETA: not really, see note above)

And, to end this up, here's a couple more shots of Freckles Violet (and I do have to say, I feel pretty silly every time I type that, I just keep thinking it's a better name for a clown, but it is a pretty violet, truely)

In my garden...

...and in my home.

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