Friday, May 7, 2010

Come out, come out, wherever you are!


I usually think of myself as a very patient person.  And yet, instead of teaching me greater and greater patience, these seeds that I love so much just seem to take all the patience right out of me.  Gone.

Case in point?  Look at that lovely patch of moist and sunny dirt to the left.  Beautiful, no?  And isn't it lovely the way the afternoon sun makes shadows across the earth?   On a lovely spring day, no less.

And instead of marveling at its beauty, all I can think of is, "Where the heck are those stinking Runner Beans?!?"

Rose and I put them in on April 24.  The package said seedlings should emerge in 10 days.  I do the math and every time I come out with May 4.  Seedlings should emerge on May 4.

Either those beans can't read or they aren't very good at math.

What I want to do is stick my fingers in the dirt and check up on them--see what they're doing in there and maybe give them a little nudge.  But instead, I wait.

Rose kept me waiting 10 days past her due date.  Ten days of waiting, but at least they had sonograms to check and see how she was doing in there.  No such luck with these beans.

We've got a lovely place set and ready for those beans.

Before we even planted them, Rose and I rebuilt the trellis for them.  Rose ran around gathering sticks while I sawed and arranged them and together we tied them together.  Even added a bit of Elmers and some cross strings in the corners for lateral stability--something missing from last year's model, as evidenced by its slanting collapse in high winds while heavily laden with non-blooming Morning Glories.

Wouldn't you think any climbing bean would be proud to sprout in the shadow of that?  Lovingly made and ready to roll?  Just the perfect foil for lush green foliage and deep red blossoms? 

I try to have faith.  These things take time, and all that.  But then I wonder--do these things take time or did I kill them?  Were the seeds mishandled between the factory and the store?  Between the store and my house?  What if I wait too long and I miss my chance?  What if the stores sell out or it gets to be too late in the season?  What then happens to my lovely runner bean dreams?

So then I go back and look at my beet shoots.  There was a time when those were nothing but dirt, too.  Then I take a walk over to the lettuce, trying to breathe in deep and calming breaths.

No matter how many ways I try to get out of it, it seems there's really nothing for it but to wait.

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