Thursday, May 20, 2010

And again with the seeds....this time Nodding Onion

Rose and I both were beguiled by this Nodding Onion Allium.  For once, it wasn't the artist's drawing that fished us in, but the photos we googled up under Nodding Onion--just lovely!

I'm not usually much of an allium fan--they can look extremely cool in formal gardens and fun for kids in a Suess kind of way, but they aren't a very good fit for my own style.  I'm certainly silly enough, but I don't tend to like my garden flowers to be too bold or too statement making.

Unfortunately, while Botanical Interests seeds are sold in one of our local grocery chains (lucky us!), this particular seed is not in their rounders (unlucky us.).

But, finally I broke down and ordered them online.  Spent more on the shipping than I did on the seeds themselves, but at least they arrived quickly (on the 3rd day--not bad at all).

These are part of Botanical Interests' "Botanic Garden Series" which aims to help preserve native plant species--these aren't actually native in our neck of the woods, so I don't know that Rose and I are really doing our part here, but then again if we can keep them alive that's something right?  Of course, nice as that is, to be fair, we really just chose them because they tolerate shade and are very pretty.

So, we planted them yesterday in the back garden in front of some blue bachelor buttons in a little crescent that bridges Rose's and my areas.  The packet says they may or may not come up without being chilled, so we may or may not see anything this year--arrgh!  Where's a sure thing when you need one?

But, as I remind myself very regularly, we're not just here for a year, we're looking to get better and better over time.  And, as perennials, these (assuming they eventually do grow) will be a part of that.  And, years and years from now, when Rose is grown and off on her own, I can still look at them and remember the summer my little Rose and I were beguiled by these pretty things enough to take the plunge.

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