Monday, May 3, 2010

5 reasons I don't need hollyhocks

1. They are tall and bold and I can't plant things on the front or side that will take away from the development's uniformity/cohesive look. They'd have to go in the back and there isn't much room in the back.

2. They like sun and I don't have enough.

3. They are prone to rust and I don't know what I'm doing.

4. They don't transplant well and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing.

5. They don't even bloom the first year unless you start them early and it is not early.

And there you have it.

Unfortunately, Rose is currently reading Kate Douglas Wiggin's Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

And I know full well that shouldn't have anything to do with anything. But it does.

Her copy looks like this:

It's illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Barbara McClintock--notice the pretty lilacs behind the clothesline? Lovely, and like my own lilacs.

But the thing is, I got Rose this book not only because it was illustrated by Barbara McClintock and a story I though she'd enjoy, but also because I read the book the summer I was 9 and loved, loved, loved it.

Rebecca's old fashioned story made me dream of the day I would have my own home with a lovely, old fashioned look and a lovely old fashioned garden.

(I think you can see where I'm going with this, right?)

And the clincher is, underneath Rose's book's lovely illustrated dust jacket, her copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm looks just like my old copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm:

And, long story short, that is why yesterday I picked up this:

And they are now sitting in seed starter mix in some trays on my windowsill.

They may very well not grow very well. And if they do, they may very well not bloom very well (this year or ever).

But $1.99 is the cost of dreaming, and I know what Rebecca would do.

In other garden happenings,

I planted some Money Plant/Honesty/Lunaria yesterday in the back garden. I'd gotten some free seeds from a local bank and decided they might look nice next to the foxglove. They definitely shouldn't bloom this year (they're biannual) but when they do come around, they're supposed to be fragrant and seem like they might be pretty and kind of interesting. So I sprinkled some on the bare ground and am excited to see what comes up!

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