Friday, April 30, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (viola)

(please note: the picture to the right is the viola in front of a Virginia Bluebell--that's what the long wide leaves behind are all about)

Last year Rose and I started some seeds for a viola from Burpee called Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. I don't see it at Burpee this year, but it looks like Thompson and Morgan has it still.

This was one of our success stories last year--it grew easily from the seeds and thrived in the front garden (partial shade). This year is even better as it self sowed, not only in the 3 spots we put plants last year, but also other random places throughout the garden.

I would expect in another year it will be acting as a very pretty ground-cover around the other plants!

As you can see, it blooms profusely, and even the tiny seedlings have a bloom or two on them! The blooms start out white (with tiny dark purple faces) and the next day are light lilac, the following day are a deeper shade, sort of a medium purple. So, each plant ends up with a lovely shading of flowers all mixed together. Very nice.

Also lovely, of course, is the fact that this year we did nothing but watch them come up and bloom--especially nice given my slow start this year.

I had also planted some freckles violets last year that I got with a "money off" coupon from a place called Spring Hill Nursery. These also reseeded (or spread?) and came up again this year (they are perennials, but they're in new places, as well).

I wasn't sure I wanted a "twist" on violets with the freckles instead of solid color--I really wanted an old-fashioned look in my garden--but I was getting plants for the cost of shipping and they didn't have a classic purple and I really wanted some kind of violet, so this is what I ordered. Turns out I really love the way they look with the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow violas--guess God was looking after me on my headfirst dive into this new world of planting my own garden, more than I knew!

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