Wednesday, April 8, 2009

See how they've grown!

We've had quite a run of gloomy weather with more gloom on the horizon, so the real world doesn't feel much like spring right now, but at least there's the inside happenings to cheer me up.

The foxglove's real leaves are getting bigger and stronger, take a look:

And the Balsam I just planted last week are sending out their little roots into the soil--got to love those seeds that like little or no covering so you can see what's going on! They're still a little hard to spot in the Miracle Grow Mix among all that pearlite, but I've marked the photos with big yellow circles, so look close and you may be able to see them.

Plus, look at this, it's the real butterfly weed, not that crazy other weed that fooled me the first time. Isn't it a funny sprout, looks like little twins more than a single seed, and if you look close a the base (in real life, not so much the picture) you can just make out little leaves starting to shoot off from the side. Strange.

And, last but not least, check out the progress the tomatoes have made! These are by far the most vigorous of my seedlings--I'm coming to the conclusion that flowers are nice, but if you want to feel like you're thumbs are really green, tomatoes are the only way to go!

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