Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little lettuces

The past few years, I've grown loose leaf lettuces on my apartment patio. They've never minded the lack of TLC or the partial shade and having them up on the second story meant I didn't have to deal with rabbits eating my salad.

A few weeks ago I took out a packet of seeds packed for 2006 that I had kept in a zip lock in the freezer and tossed them over the dirt in the planters I had moved to our new place. I just dusted them with seed starter to keep them in place and let them go. Because the seeds were so old, I spread them very thickly.

Right after I planted them, We had lots of rain, including some very heavy rain. This past Saturday, I remembered to take a look and, lo and behold, I have lettuces! Lots of lettuces!

I'm hoping the planters will give me a head start on the rabbits here, too. I'll let the thick layer of seedlings go a bit more and try and thin them out when the thinnings are big enough to count as "baby greens" on my table.

I'm very please because a) I didn't have very high hopes for these old seeds, and b) I love fresh lettuce and am always happy to get it for free (or nearly free) and with very little actual work!

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  1. darn it. Everyone seems to grow lettuce so easily, and I can't get a single one to grow. Too dry here in colorado I guess... Is there a trick I'm not getting? I plan to write in my blogazine http://urbanfarming.magazines.me about my lettuce issues, and it would be nice to have a happy ending.