Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hope amidst the ruins

Ok, I know that's way over dramatic--so some moonflowers didn't make it and my hard drive is titched, and also the sweetpeas may well be rotting under the 6 inches of mud that filled in their trench under all this rain. Not the end of the world.

This is spring and I'm starting a garden--gardening is about hope, right? Looking at little brown specks and piles of dirt and seeing green growing beauty.

The Nicotiana and Viola are (finally) coming up. These were planted at the same time as the butterfly weed, and Rose's iceplants and the herbs, but they just looked like a nice tray of dirt long after we started thinning the iceplants. I was beginning to wonder if they would ever come up.

The viola started first (3 days ago), but the viola also showed little roots out the pointy end of the seed a week or so ago, so I was less thrilled to see them. The Nicotiana, however went from nothing to something just yesterday morning and I am so happy. I'm more excited about having these deep purple fine smelling things and they seemed, until yesterday, to be doing not a thing. Ha! They fooled me.

Also, less new but in it's own way lovely--the tomatoes are starting to grow their real leaves so I went ahead and thinned the 2 out of 6 cells that had 2 seedlings in them (I planted 2 seeds in each cell, but they seem to have germinated at just over 50%). Get this: I happened to get a whiff of those little plucked seedlings and they smell like tomato plants--instant summer! Of course, logically they would smell like tomato plants seeing that they are tomato plants, but I guess I just wasn't expecting that from little sprouts. Funny how smells can take you places--instant summer, I love that!

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