Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't rain but pour--moonflower suicides and other troubles

Well, this is going well.

Remember how I planted some moonflower seeds and I was so happy to see them popup and mentioned that sometimes a few of them die because the leaves can't break out of the tough seed coat. See where this is going?

Yes, that's right: I planted 4 seeds, 3 came up. 1 left its seed/leaf part in the dirt and popped up headless, so 2 made it to seedling. BOTH seedlings died in the seed and now I have none.

Yesterday I put 6 more seeds in the cells. I nicked the seedcoats (which I rarely have to do) for good measure. Better luck next time, I hope!

I'm wondering if the seed mix was so light that things didn't get the chance to soften up as usual (in the past I've planted them in garden soil), or if maybe this is just a difficult batch of seeds. Possibly it's just an unlucky luck of the draw?

Also, a little Eden Ever After warning: my computer's hard drive is failing (see, seeds aren't the only things that can go wrong!). I have a new one on the way and will hopefully get things switched over easily without missing a beat--BUT, if I seem to be MIA for a while, please bear with me.

In other news, it rained (real rain) gallons and gallons the day after we planted the sweetpeas outside--hopefully that will help them a lot and Rose will have something fun to watch of her own soon.

And, today or tomorrow, I'm going to start some balsam and cantaloupe inside so they will be ready to go outside when the time comes.

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