Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Signs of Life!

Look what I came home to last night!

My little tomato seeds have decided to be alive!

Funny little guys, they were still underground in the am, though the dirt had been looking a little rumbly for a few days, and by the end of the day, 5 of the 6 cells had life!

I planted them 7 days ago (in seed starter mix, covered with plastic wrap, inside at appx 68 degrees) and right on schedule up they came.

I have 3 cells of Chocolate Cherry variety and planted 3 cells of Best Boy--right now only 2 of the 3 are up, but I guess it's still early days.

In other news...the Foxglove seeds I planted at the same time on the surface of the soil started to show their little first roots on March 22nd (4 days out). Yesterday morning they had some little leaves and also a little fuzzy white mold (yikes!).

I uncovered them from the plastic wrap and the mold problem seems to be resolving itself--the seedlings don't seem to mind, they're growing great guns right now.

I planted some Foxglove Foxy (shorter for the front garden and supposed to bloom the first year) and some Foxglove Gloxinaflora--both seem to germinate really well.

I can definitely see where I over did the seed sowing--lots of seedlings going to need to be pulled out to make room for the keepers. Lots.

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