Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Rose and I learned that compost is completely evil

Yesterday, Rose and I went down to shovel a barrel of compost from the community compost project to give the back garden something a little more organic to bed the plants in.

Community compost projects are a nice idea--the price, at least here, is pretty darn good, and it helps support and encourage good earth practice, right?

Guess what we found out....That's right, compost is heavy. Very heavy. 30 gallons of compost is too heavy for Rose and me. Way too heavy. Probably ok for Schwarzenegger, maybe ok for a few strong men, but way, way, way too heavy for Rose and me.

Ended up shoveling some back then struggling to get the rest in the vehicle and home. Left the barrel where it fell and shoveled compost out into a 14 oz bucket and carried that to the back garden. Bit by pitiful bit.

Guess what else we found out....30 gallons of compost is very heavy but it doesn't go very far, even in a not-even-that-big garden like the back garden. Don't even have 1" thick over half of it yet, much less 2-3" thick over the full 73 square feet (give or take).

Going to have to go back for more trips, I think.

Next time I'm going to have to leave the barrel in the vehicle and shovel the compost into it right there. Next time I'm also going to have to bribe Rosebud with something really good, because right now the very mention of the word "compost" and she's off and running in the opposite direction.

Isn't this supposed to be fun?

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